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In the Middle East, following the Gulf War of 1991, unknown terrorists kidnap a Russian delegation visiting Syria and the US ambassador to Saudi Arabia and his staff. Three men come together to find and rescue these hostages: Col. Ulm, a US special operations officer, his Russian counterpart, Col. Sabanov, and Tom Girling, correspondent for a British news magazine.

Girling may have the clue to the abductions and those responsible, information from a journalist friend in the Middle East who has told him about a powerful group calling themselves “Angels of Judgment” and their leader, “The Sword.” But very little is known about this group, and the correspondent who provided the information has disappeared himself. Girling has much more than a journalistic interest in terrorism – his wife was killed by a band of terrorists as he was forced to watch, helpless to try to prevent her death.



The Russian VIP and his Syrian host paused on the metal gangway. To the Russian the centrifugal compressor didn’t look like much – just angular pieces of metal joined by solid Soviet riveting – but the deafening howl of the gas turbines and the energy which shook the platform told him otherwise.



“The action in this story never falters, and the twists and turns in the plot will keep the reader guessing and often surprised. Those who know Nick Cook as a writer for Jane’s Defence Weekly and as the author of a more recent non-fiction book, The Hunt for Zero Point, may not be aware of his novels published in the early 1990s. Cook brings to them his expertise on military matters and his own experience as a journalist, and in fact, one can easily see Tom Girling as a continuing character in future novels. I highly recommend Aggressor and Cook’s first novel, Angel, Archangel–they are well-written and highly entertaining reading.” – Reader review,

“In the near-future setting of this well-crafted techno-thriller, a mysterious Islamic organization called the Angels of Judgment galvanizes the Middle East with a series of raids in which its members take high-level Russian and American diplomats as hostages. The erstwhile Cold War enemies respond by planning a joint counterattack involving the best of their respective special forces. But British journalist Tom Girling is also tracking the Angels, seeking to rescue a kidnapped friend and avenge his wife’s murder at the hands of Islamic fundamentalists. Cook takes his readers on a high-suspense journey into a world of shadows where nothing is what it seems. Leaving no loose ends dangling, he reveals the real ‘aggressor’ only in the final pages of a work that succeeds both as an adventure story and as a psychological thriller.” – Publishers Weekly





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