Anna Shapiro’s husband has been a hypochondriac for longer than she cares to remember. Now Dan is even frightened to make love, in case the strain gives him a heart attack. Anna is determined to find some fun soon – not to mention some decent sex – in this new book by Sue Margolis.

Then a sensational new book comes out, suggesting that women are just as capable as men of having affairs purely for sexual pleasure. Could sex be like going for a facial, except you get an orgasm instead of your blackheads squeezed? There’s only one way to find out.

Anna – a 37-year-old mother of two in desperate need of a tummy tuck, breast lift and open pore surgery – is about to spend the next few weeks committing adultery for the pure joy of it – and with hilarious results. But there’s a catch. Anna still loves her husband. And by setting out on her lone quest, she’s putting her marriage at risk…

Fast, funny, shocking and unputdownable, Neurotica is a novel for every woman who has ever wondered how high you can fly with an airline captain and just what male strippers keep in their posing pouches. But be warned: this book will have you shouting with laughter!



Dan Bloomfield stood in front of the full-length bathroom mirror, dropped his boxers to his ankles, moved his penis to one side to get a better look and stared hard at the sagging, wrinkled flesh which housed his testicles. Whenever Dan examined his testicles – and as a hypochondriac he did this several times a week – he thought of two things: the likelihood of his imminent demise; and the cupboard under the stairs in his mother’s house in Finchley.



“A tremendously funny, colourful and gripping read.” – The Mail on Sunday

“A kind of Bridget Jones’s Diary for the matrimonial set.” – People

“Taking up where Bridget Joness Diary took off, this saucy, sexy British adventure redefines the lusty woman’s search for erotic satisfaction (…) Anna’s story is not simply a portrait of a marriage or fluffy erotic high jinks, but rather a taut and rambunctious tale exploring the perils and raptures of the pursuit of passion.”  – Publishers Weekly





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This was one of the funniest books I have ever read. It made me laugh outloud at some of the ridiculous but very possible situations that the main character got into. A breath of fresh air from some of the predictable trash around.” 5★

Very rude. Very funny. Margolis has created a fabulous side-splitting romp – a kind of Jewish version of Kathy Lette’s Foetal Attraction. But much, much funnier. And you don’t have to know what kefilta fish is to to appreciate the humour.” 5★

Bloody funny! I haven’t laughed so much in ages. Margolis’ darkly subversive humour is delicious. The story is populated with the kind of crazy freaks you are sure you’ve met somewhere. This is “must-have” holiday reading – even for a Gentile!” 5★

Neurotica is a hilariously funny novel about tabloid journalist Anna Shapiro who is assigned to write an article about female adultery. This seems like the perfect assignment for Anna who decides to do a little hands on research after years of having her husband Dan, who is a hypochondriac, refusing to have sex with her for fear that he may have a heart attack. Anna’s exploits are so funny that they will have you laughing out loud but even funnier is Dan’s fear of…well everything from testicular cancer to spontaneous human combustion. These two paired with Anna’s mother who is being stalked by a fellow obsessive compulsive group member and Anna’s best friend Brenda who is by Anna’s side through it all while getting into a little trouble of her own makes for a very amusing read.
I haven’t read a whole lot of British humor but after reading Neurotica I will definitely be reading much, much more. If you want an easy and entertaining read this is the book for you! 4 Stars!” 4★

A sexy gripping love story, in which a woman discovers herself and the things she values, and meanwhile has a lot of fun, some horrible time and lots of sex. Just loved it!!!! can’t wait for Margolis to write another novel.” 5★

This is the first Sue Margolis book I have read, It is extremely funny and laugh out loud. Great holiday read.” 5★

Many moons ago when my then boyfriend moved in with me, i commented on how funny this book was! thinking he was being kind he feigned interest and began perusing the pages. suffice to say i couldn’t get a word out of him for 2 days, and all i heard was the occasional sound of crazed laughter! i have to say i forgavwe him as this is one and only book that has had me laughing out loud at regular intervals. i’m usually put off by what appears to be pulp fiction, but this really is the exception. If you like Joan rivers caustic wit then this is the book for you! don’t miss it!” 5★

I read on average three books per week from autobiography to the ridiculous. This book had me gripped from start to finish. Housework? Phone ringing? What is that!!! I was oblivious! The funniest book I have ever read.” 5★

I couldn’t put this down. Just a naughty, funny page-turner is Neurotica. Can’t wait for the movie. I think I can see Sandra Bullock signing on!” 5★

Amazing sex on every other page coupled the funniest scenarios in and out of the bedroom make this one of the best books to come my way. As Helen leaps into infidelity in the most calculated way possible your gripped with need for her to have a good time. And she does in the most orgasmic way possible with not one but three different men. She moves from one to another with an effortless ease that has you cheering for 30 something women everywhere. All the time her poor old husband is going through a period of self healing in the most humiliating way possible only to find the cure is too late. A brill book in every way. Thank goodness there are other books by this hilarious author to look forward too.” 5★


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