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Rachel Katz has been making people laugh since the moment she could speak in Sue Margolis‘s novel. She can even see the funny side when her husband leaves her for a cosmetics demonstrator. Called Greg.

Deciding to turn her talent for comedy into a career, Rachel becomes a professional stand-up comedian. But breaking into the big time is tough, and with a mortgage and a ten-year-old child to support, Rachel has to spend her mornings cleaning the houses of the rich and famous to make ends meet. Somehow life lacks a certain spark.

However, there are sparks a-plenty when the washing machine breaks down and a repair man called Matt arrives… and sends her life into a spin.



‘You see,’ she continued, starting to feel mildly nauseous now, ‘it’s not only the emotional thing fellas can’t do. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. I mean, practically all my boyfriends have missed the things that are really important to me – my birthday, the anniversary of when we met… my clitoris.’
                She paused once more. Still not a hint of a hoot. This could not be happening.    
                She peered at the audience through the smoke and semi-darkness. Sitting round The Anarchist Bathmat’s pub tables was the usual mix of pierced and goateed student types, a few yuppies and a smattering of forty-somethings desperate to show the world their humour was still cutting edge whilst forgetting their sartorial style was more cutting hedge.



This book is incredibly hilarious. I just don’t want to ruin anything by giving up jokes or much plotline. Suffice to say that it’s about a woman struggling to be a stand-up comic, while most of her life is much funnier than her routine (maybe Seinfeld if he was a woman in London and with a lot more sex). There is some light erotica in between, refreshing and humorous, without the euphemisms and emotional bla-bla you often see in traditional romance novels.” 5★

This very funny book is the story of Rachel, a journalist-turned-standup comic who is engaged to an extremely uptight dentist, whose ex-husband left her for a male Estee Lauder rep, whose 10 year old son has a bizarre passion for Barbra Streisand, whose employers are rather eccentric members of London’s glitterati, whose mother appears to be having a fling with a toy boy … well, anyway, she has lots going on in her life. And then comes the washing machine repair man who adds an entirely new and rather steamy dimension to her life! This is a fun read with lots going on and tons of colourful characters to keep the reader entertained. I loved it.” 5★

If you like your books funny, sexy, saucy, naughty and fun, set your sights on Sue Margolis’s newest offer, Spin Cycle. It has all these elements plus some, and sends readers on a riotous, raunchy ride.

Spin Cycle tells the story of budding stand-up comic, Rachel Katz. She’s had all sorts of problems: her husband is gay, her fiance is a compulsive neat-freak dentist, her 10-year-old son has an unnatural obsession with Barbra Streisand, and her mother is acting in a most unlikely way. On the plus side, she has her comedy; her bohemian pregnant friend, Shelley; and her job cleaning house for oddcouple of the year, celebrities Otto and Xantia Marx. Enter Matt Clapton. When the Marx’s washing machine goes on the blink, sexy repairman Matt comes to the rescue. Suddenly, Rachel finds herself in quite a predicament — if her fiance is off working in South Africa for a month, is it okay to indulge herself in matters of a sexual nature? Especially since her fiance hasn’t given her the time of day in weeks?

I really enjoyed this book. It has some good humor, although not necessarily knee-slapping. The stand-up comedy bits are funny, though, and I spent many moments reciting the jokes to my husband in my best stand-up comedian voice. I will admit to the storyline being tied up too neatly, and it is horribly predictable, but for readers who don’t mind such things, Spin Cycle will be another great novel on your bookshelf.” 4★

Spin Cycle, by Sue Margolis, was one of the most realistic and relate-able books that I have ever read. It had a good mixture of comedy, romance and real life obstacles in it. Rachel Katz, the main character, is a comedian who struggles with her career, her mother, her unfaithful boyfriend, her gay ex-husband and her Barbara Streisand obsessed son. She endures many obstacles with grace and comedy, however, her world is spun around by the washing machine repairman. He brings in the perfect balance of romance that she has needed in her chaotic life. Rachel, being a comedian, brings in many memorable and belly-aching moments which make this book all the better.
As you read you will find your self flustered with everyone who surrounds Rachel and blushing at the romance she encounters. Whoever said there is no such thing as the perfect guy obviously never met Matt, the washing machine repair man, who sweeps Rachel (and yourself for that matter) off her feet. This romance was just the touch needed to make this book perfect. With the right amount of comedy, the perfect measure of romance and the right balance of realistic everyday encounters there is no way this could be an off balance load.
For the first time in a long time I was actually able to keep interest in a book and not put it down until it was through. As soon as I reached its end I went out and bought another Sue Margolis book, Neurotica. I was thoroughly disappointed to be finished with Spin Cycle, as I was left with no bedtime reading material but I am hoping this new one will fill the void.” 4★

Spin Cycle, by Sue Margolis, is one of the funniest books that I have read. It had romance, comedy, and real life obstacles of Rachel Katz, the main character. She is a comedian which everyone but herself thinks is a bad profession for her. She has a gay ex husband, an uptight fiance, and a son who is in love with Barbara Streisand. And her mother busy planning a wedding that Rachel isn’t sure she wants. But then she meets the washing machine repairman who she believes is too good to be true. He sweeps her off her feet, and makes her feel like a real woman which she hasn’t felt in a long time. She’s a comedian so a lot of her performances relate to her everyday life and her sex life which is practically non existent. To top it all off, her mother has a secret! Does she fall in love with the repairman? It’s quite predictable. Does Rachel prove to everyone that she can be successful in the comedy business? Of course things go her way, she enters a comedy contest which can put her on the map, and change her life forever. A typical happily ever after ending with everything working out.
I enjoyed this book, it kept me reading and reading, I couldn’t put it down! The way she describes her characters and all their actions makes it interesting and wants you to read more and more.” 4★

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