‘Funniest book ever written': front-page news

The Serial by Cyra McFadden, published by Apostrophe Books: re-published and front-page news

The Serial: A Year in the Life of Marin County became a global bestseller in the Seventies, hilariously skewering a self-obsessed age of  psycho-babble, meditation, zen jogging, pet psychiatry – and bucket-loads of organic granola.

Now, to mark 35 years since it was first published, the novel is going on sale in e-book form for the first time, with new artwork, bonus features, interviews and reviews from the time, plus a new preface by author Cyra McFadden.

Described by Newsweek as “one of the most delicious acts of cultural sabotage since Mark Twain” and author Lisa Alther as “the funniest book ever written”, it mercilessly satirises the inhabitants of Marin County, California in counter-culture-gripped 1976.

There are also bonus features, reviews and an interview with Cyra McFadden from the time, plus a look back at how the inhabitants of the San Francisco community reacted as their area – and habits – became the focus of world attention.

Published by Apostrophe Books, The Serial: A Year in the Life of Marin County is available to readers of Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, Nook, Kobo and other e-readers priced US $5.99 / UK £3.75 (RRP).

The satire documents Kate and Harvey Holroyd’s attempts to leave their ‘straight’ lives behind and join their fashionable neighbours in the fine art of staying ‘hip and loose’. In 52 week-by-week instalments, we see them try scream therapy, consciousness-raising sessions and a disastrous foray into having an open marriage.

Author Cyra McFadden said: “I’m delighted that The Serial is coming out as an e-book but don’t expect Marin to be as happy that it’s back.  Am I going to be scraping dried egg off the front of my house again, I wonder?”

Apostrophe Books founder and bestselling writer Martyn Forrester said: “I was thrilled when Cyra McFadden agreed to let us republish The Serial. It’s an iconic book, one of my all-time favourites. Tom Cervenak creating a new piece of artwork just for this edition was the icing on the cake.”

Read the Pacific Sun’s front-page feature about the re-release of this iconic book.

Feature in the Pacific Sun about the re-release of Cyra McFadden's ebook The Serial

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