Terrifying true story Assassin goes on sale

Assassin by Christopher Robbins - published by Apostrophe BooksTHE TRUE STORY of one of the most dangerous hit-men who ever lived is on sale now.

Assassin is the shocking account of writer Christopher Robbins as his life becomes entwined with that of the deadly Carlos Evertsz. Forced into a volatile friendship after accidentally insulting the killer, he later winds up on his notorious ‘hit list’.

It is the complete dossier of an agent licensed to murder and who doesn’t hesitate to list his record of shocking atrocities, brought to us by the journalist who knew him best.

Explaining himself as “a liquidator just doing his job”, Evertsz ricochets between the high life in London, Madrid and the island paradise of the Dominican Republic – and some of the world’s most horrific jails.

Told by the masterful Robbins, author of bestselling Vietnam War title The Ravens, we also meet Dr Manuel Sosa, a demonic intelligence chief with a taste of orgies, torture, blackmail, voodoo and murder.

A staggering story that is hard to believe were it not so carefully documented, Assassin is available now for Kindle, Kobo, iPad and iPhone, and from thousands of e-retailers worldwide.

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