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Author: Christopher RobbinsChristopher Robbins began his career in journalism at the age of 16 when he started writing jazz criticism for the Daily Telegraph. Since then he wrote for numerous newspapers and magazines in Britain, Europe and the USA.

Christopher wrote six non-fiction books. The Test of Courage is the biography of Michel Thomas, concentration camp survivor, French Resistance fighter, and Nazi hunter.

The Empress of Ireland, a memoir of his friendship with the Irish film director Brian Desmond, won the Saga Award for wit, along with exceptional critical acclaim. The travelogue In Search of Kazakhstan was short-listed for the Authors’ Club Best Travel Book Award 2008 in the UK and (under the title Apples Are From Kazakhstan) for the Best Travel Books of 2008 in the US.

Air America, a worldwide bestseller when it was originally published, was made into a film starring Mel Gibson while The Ravens, a companion to Air America, charts the history of the men who flew in the secret air war in Laos.

Christopher lived in London and France.

We are sad to report that Christopher died on Christmas Eve 2012 – our thoughts are with his wife and family.

Read his obituary in The Telegraph and in Variety:

His wit was acute, but never cruel; it sprang from his endless curiosity and interest in the people he met … Well dressed and stylish, expansive and ebullient, Robbins could have been a favourite, slightly racy uncle in a PG Wodehouse novel, always coming up with great jokes, great cocktails and great tips.- The Telegraph


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