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THE FUTURE’S BRIGHT… or is it? Apostrophe Books is lifting the lid on what the rest of the 21st century holds in its latest e-book, A Brief History of Tomorrow.

Written by leading technology journalist Jonathan Margolis, this fascinating book takes a witty look at the successes and failures of futurologists by talking to some of the experts in the field – and explores whether modern-day predictions are likely to be any better.

Margolis reveals how bright sparks in today’s tech industries manage to earn a living – and a good one at that – keeping their bosses up-to-date with the possible courses of world history. But are these modern-day seers likely to be any better at predicting the future than you, me or Nostradamus?

In 100 years, will we be laughing at the ridiculous fad that was the internet? Will we be wearing those silver one-piece jumpsuits beloved of 20th-century film-makers? Or going to work in flying cars (how long have we been watiting for those?) and cryogenically freezing our heads in the hope that surgeons will one day be able to reattach them to healthy bodies?

A Brief History of Tomorrow is the 11th book to be brought into the digital world under the Apostrophe Books banner. To read more or to buy this title, click here.

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