Secret war in Laos revealed in The Ravens

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THE INCREDIBLE true story of the daring US pilots who flew in the secret war in Laos is told today as The Ravens goes digital for the first time.

Christopher Robbins‘s meticulously-researched work – hailed by Tom Clancy as “a book of outstanding integrity” – reveals the brutal truth about the men who served in the Vietnam War’s most dangerous unit.

Flying without uniforms or ID in planes that were officially off the books of the US Air Force, the Ravens undertook near-suicidal missions to protect Laos’s Hmong people from the troops invading their country. Alongside the pilots were the shadowy officials of the CIA, who provided support via Air America – the airline they covertly ran.

Honest, humorous and often heart-wrenching, this is the story of a band of courageous men fighting against enormous odds.

The Ravens is the second book to be published by Apostrophe Books after the bestselling biography The Test of Courage: Michel Thomas.

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